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It’s That Time Again…

Another blog’s full. Check out the new one here. Advertisements

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Penang, Again (Part One)

Before I get around to flashing my pictures of leaky-ceilinged guestrooms and Indian food I have a few things to mention. 1) I’ve filled up another blog. This will be my last real post here, making “Penang, Again (Part Two)” … Continue reading

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Nam Tuum!

A lot of people (read: my parents) have encouraged me to become a writer and on occasion I’ve felt moments of inspiration and attempted beginnings of books. I had an idea when I first came to Thailand to write a … Continue reading

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Lemony-Herbed Potato Salad

Sunday Braai is becoming a tradition at our house. We had one that one time for no reason at all, we had one for Christmas, and when Wayne suggested in the earlier hours of this past Sunday that we go for … Continue reading

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New Year’s Weekend on Koh Lanta

It was a good one! Definitely, as predicted, much different from any of my previous New Year’s experiences, but it was a scenic, relaxing, and enjoyable weekend made all the more pleasant by new friends, little jungle cottages, the best … Continue reading

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New Year’s Party at School

Back! Happy New Year everyone, hope the celebrations were magical and everyone’s in the best of spirits as our little planet begins a new revolution around the sun. I know you were all probably hoping for lovely, sunny, beachy tales … Continue reading

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