New Year’s Party at School

Back! Happy New Year everyone, hope the celebrations were magical and everyone’s in the best of spirits as our little planet begins a new revolution around the sun.

I know you were all probably hoping for lovely, sunny, beachy tales to warm up what I understand to be a finally-arriving winter over yonder, but today is not the day for that. They’re loading and will be up by the end of the week (a glorious, three-day, four-class week!), but for now you’ll have to settle with photos of Thai kids and balloons.

Unsurprisingly the new year at Tapae Municipality School was marked by classes cancelled for the purpose of celebration, and, of course, confusion pertaining to exactly what was being cancelled when. I’m quite sure I accidentally skipped a morning class on Friday after all the kids (who are normally, I hate to say it, the most reliable ones around!) told me they didn’t have to study that day. But it ended up being a laid-back, fun-filled day for all as the kids set up shop in rooms to eat, play games, and sing karaoke. As teachers we got roped into a bit of all of this (and then ducked out early since all the other teachers were at a meeting and we were itching to get on the road… Muahahaha.)

okay this is a left-over christmas picture i guess... made stockings and wanted to sexistly tape coal to the back of all the boys' (and then give them candy later of course) but it didn't end up happening.

also not new year related but some funny 'why i study english' posters hung up in one of the rooms.

me and the mattayom 2/2s... there are boys in the class, just mysteriously late/missing (as usual).

decorated mattayom 2/3 board

karaoke in the mattayom 2/1 room!

having fun with 'proud mary'

mattayom 2/3s

you're not really supposed to have favorites but...

look who showed up to sing 'piano man'

So yeah, woo hoo, crazy party time at school! For your time:

olliepup with a lollipop!

sweetest little guy.

Oh and in completely separate news, I’ve marked this new year by getting a new email account because this made me sad and anxious:

So now the bottom of my browser looks like this:

Which makes me so so happy. That was really just me abusing an opportunity to take and display screenshots, something I have a strange attraction to, but also to let you know in case you got left off the reminder email. The new address is just my name, first then last, no periods or underscores or anything crazy, at gmail. Dot com. I look forward to hearing from you.


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