The “Satree Sports Day” Post That Has Been Sitting On The Shelf Since July

As much as I’ve enjoyed the first two-and-a-half days at Thungsong Municipality School (in which I’ve taught a grand total of 5 classes), I’m already getting the impression it’s going to suffer sever Middle Child Syndrome. The fact that the first post of my tenure at the new school is actually a long-forgotten one (due to– you guessed it– laziness on the video editing front) about the old school is probably a testament to this.

That being said, I do have a good feeling about this new place. As opposed to my former– what was the final figure?– 430 students, I have a grand total of 54 here. I’ll see them more frequently (up to seven times a week, as opposed to two at Satree, assuming my TA doesn’t commandeer half of them every week like she has this week– and no, that wasn’t a complaint) but I think for me it’s going to be a much more comfortable way to teach. The students seem lovely, the staff are helpful (or, at least enough of them to make a difference), and even though we still run into the odd hiccup (TAs’ last minute commandeering of classes, “offices” being hastily assembled at the eleventh hour by throwing tablecloths over desks and packs of paper– only upon request– on bookshelves) all-in-all it’s going well.

But back to, what I think will truly be, the last tip-of-the-hat (haha, that came out ‘tip-of-the-hate’… Freud much? Also, potential idea for emo album title?) to Satree. Though for some reason my video is refusing to load so that still might have to come later. The end of July was a whirlwind of “Will we have class and if so for how long and if not do we need to come to school anyway?” as the school prepared itself for the annual Sports Day Extravaganza. It was actually two days, and I’ve yet to meet a Thai person who knows the word “Extravaganza,” so that’s obviously a title I just invented five seconds ago. But an extravaganza it was! Aaaaand… I’m rambling so I think this is my cue to shut up and let the photos speak for themselves. The photos are from Wednesday the 27th, set aside as a set-up day, and then Thursday and Friday the 28th/29th, the actual Sports Days.

observing set-up

setting up their bleachers... expect big results.

some fine pictures of wire... if only those pesky runners hadn't kept popping up in the background.

setting up the nursing tent. and yeah, the cots got used. one student informed me she collapsed at the finish line because she didn't eat enough meat that morning. no, it did not make me reconsider my lifestyle choices.

finally! the morning of.

gender is an interesting thing in this country.

i told you the stands would be good!

the students were all divided between five colors that competed against each other in a variety of categories.

i was initially told I'D get to dress up in traditional thai garb and march around all fancy-like too but no dice 😦

this girl is 12...

with the chinese teachers

all the runners ran barefoot! and it seems to have taken its toll...

david, lunching at the head table haha.

So there you have it. I realize, for all my rambling I didn’t really give much of an explanation, and the pictures have revealed that there was really a lot more to it than Sports. It’s kind of equivalent to an American “Spirit Week” for Homecoming, only with a few track races and some soccer (“football”) in place of a football (“American football”) game that the home team, if you went to any of my high schools, invariably lost. There was a big parade at the beginning, and lots of funny outfits. Oh and it rained an awful lot for a lot of it, but everyone still seemed to enjoy themselves. And the video is in a hopeless state of not-getting-uploaded so hold your horses for that.

Now how to occupy myself for the next two hours, as my one class today completed at 11:20 and I’m expected to be here until 4?


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