It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Little Like Christmas

Let’s just say I’ve had “Mele Kalikimaka” in my head a lot recently. Not so much the “Mele Kalikimaka” bits, but definitely the “Christmas will be green and bright; the sun will shine by day and all the stars at night,” part. (With the mental addition in Ryan Calonder-style falsetto, “Unless it’s raining really hard in which case it will be grey and dreary all the tiiiiiime.”) Aside from the absence of the quintessential snow, for the most part in this Buddhist country, there ain’t much Christmas cheer in the air.

Nevertheless, Southern Thailand is made of businessmen, and who could overlook such a commercial opportunity as Christmas (though most signs I’ve seen have mostly just merged it with the New Year, which seems to be a big deal around here)? In any of the Western-influenced shopping centers (of which we have two) all the employees are rocking Santa hats and the halls are at least moderately decked. Moreover, there were Christmas decorations to be had, and so we had them. Let’s just say we were far from going overboard, but as I discovered in China, having a few things around the house definitely helps to get you in the spirit.

maybe you can't see but we put some of the ornaments on the window bars haha...

haha... only enough lights for one side of the window! and more ornaments on the bars...

o tannenbaum! prezzies courtesy of my dear momma:)

and what's christmas without some christmas cookies?

Alas… we have cheated a little bit and allowed Christmas to come a bit early. It’s just… it’s just Ollie’s collar broke. And I knew Grandma (his Grandma, not mine) had sent him a new one in her package… but it was a lovely surprise for all of us to note its colors. He looks good in blue and orange! And of course we couldn’t let him have all the fun, and so bequeathed upon each other a camera and a guitar.


amped to get some killer snorkeling footage over new year's!

And finally, as with Halloween, I had months in advance planned a pet-related pun for a “card”. I made a few attempts at it and am only partially satisfied, but here you go. ‘Tis the season to be Ollie!

And… other photos I took but didn’t use but are still mad cute:

durrrr... i want da cookie!

high fiving for a cookie... what a beeb.

because lots of butter and sugar is good for dogs, right?

the original

And… we needed a family Christmas photo as well. First attempts…

But we finally got it. Happy Ollie-days, everybody, from our home to yours!


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