An Homage to the Trixiest Rabbit (in the Whole Wide World)

…Oh dear. After posting yesterday with such a positive outlook on things on the horizon, I come to you today with news of a different nature. My post announcing the death of Jinx was, like so many others, long and detail-ridden, and even concluded with an equally long and detail-ridden poem.

And it’s not that my dear Trix Rabbit doesn’t deserve equal (or even greater) length, details, and poetry than Jinx in the tragic and unexpected event of her death. It’s just that I’d probably end up going on for days about how she used to hop up and spend the night sitting outside our bedroom, or how she was so curious about everything, or how she was so tiny that we thought we lost her the second day when she hid under the fridge, or how even though she used to chew on cables/poop where she wasn’t meant to/sneak into the garden to eat our vegetables/break through barriers we’d set up to keep her out of places/break things like my hookah/be insanely picky about her food and run to the fridge every time it was opened we still loved her. So I’ll try to keep it brief.

Basically we’ve learned the hard way that a rabbit (no matter how “trixy” she might be), a larger garden, and an overly playful pup can be a fatal combination. We were so pleased that Trix would have the opportunity to spend time outside at the new house with no risk to our personal garden. We had planned to cordon off an area specifically for her because it soon became clear that though while Ollie surely only meant his games of chase to be a thing of fun, and though Trix seemed so superior in her speed and agility, problems might arise in the future. We even did allow them to “play” together in the garden for the time being because it seemed so cute, and of course we only allowed it under our watchful eyes just to make sure. But we this morning those eyes became briefly less-than-watchful, and perhaps Trix stumbled, or maybe Ollie just finally outran or outsmarted her. But suffice it to say, he no longer has a playmate, and it’s been a sad morning in our previously happy new home.

We buried her (read: I stood there not really succeeding in holding back tears while Wayne dug a grave in rock-hard ground with a broken hoe) under the same fallen tree in the lot opposite our old house as Jinx. Though they didn’t really get on in life, I hope they’re hopping around together now in bunny heaven, free of all rascally pups, with an endless supply of open fridges for them to ransack. Rest in Peace, Trix Rabbit. You‘ll be‘re already missed.

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thursday morning grave

TRIX rabbit! you’re the trixiest rabbit! in the WHOLE! WIDE! WORLD!


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2 Responses to An Homage to the Trixiest Rabbit (in the Whole Wide World)

  1. Jess A. says:

    trixie was such a cute rabbit. i hope you, wayne, and ollie can heal from her unexpected departure 😦

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