Hellos and Goodbyes

Growing up as a military kid (an “Army brat”, shall we say, though I never really warmed to the term), my family had to do our fair share of hails and farewells, both in the official ceremony context and simply on a personal level. Whenever we moved to a new place we knew it was for a set amount of time (10 months, in my shortest experience; 4 years in the longest), after which we’d pick up, head elsewhere, and start again. The hellos and goodbyes that went along with such a lifestyle were just part of the deal, especially since many or even most people we knew shared our tendencies.

The teaching-abroad business is quite the same, in that regard, with the transience being, if anything, more pronounced. In the eight months (eight months!!!) I’ve been here nearly everyone who was holding down the fort upon my arrival has gone. The last of the “OG crew” (as I’ve probably annoyingly frequently referred to it in the past few weeks) to go were David and Lize, when they hopped a train to Bangkok last Wednesday night. They were, I think, the first people I met in Thung Song, and David and I became particularly close sharing an office throughout all the crazy happenings during our term at Satree Thungsong. They will be missed greatly.

The flip side of all this, of course, is that you’re given a chance to meet so many great people and build up a network of friends around the globe; whom you might have a chance to drop in on someday, or whom you might be fortunate to have pay you a visit. This happened simultaneously with David and Lize’s departure when Luke, an old coworker from China, swung through for a few days.

Hitting up the local waterfalls with David was always a favorite weekend passtime (weather provided, of course), and we knew Luke to be of adventurous and nature loving stock (learned this on our unforgettable trek of Huangshan), so going to our newly favorite Plew(/Plio/Pliu… no direct transcription from Thai to English and we’ve seen all three) Waterfall seemed like just the way to spend what ended up being both of their final evening in Thung Song.

unrelated, but an excellent sunset at yimyim, one of our favorite local eateries we're sure to bring any visitors to.

also unrelated but an awesome sketch one of the new girls in town, jennifer, made of the thainksgiving feast.

also unrelated but a monk tending his daily fire outside the temple next to school

there are 5 levels at plew, some harder to reach than others. this is just level 2, the 'infinity pool', but it's one of the favorite stops and best places to actually swim.

boys gettin in.

10-second delay attempt 1: everyone seems genuinely happy, presumably because it was a slippery journey for me from the camera to the boys.

10-second delay attempt 2: accidental cleave shot? oh well. good effort!

down at the first level there are a few cool spots from which to jump...

so we did!

can go from both sides.

contemplating the plunge.

then wayne started levitating...

haha, full shot.

and... everything else is a bit blurry, but it stays.

david going up...

and coming down. faster than the speed of light.

at 6'8" (202 cm), when luke 'jumps' he actually just steps into the water, but i think he still had fun

david at it again.

ha, just noticed the 'diving prohibited' sign. but i guess none of us were diving anyway...

full shot

yep, plugging my nose all the way down again ryan!

one of the reasons plew is so enjoyable is that we almost always have it all to ourselves. i'd say this is partially because the road isn't... good. it's not even mediocre. in some places it's hardly passable. but totally worth it!

made it out, safe and sound.

Anyway. Many happy trails and returns to David and Luke. Very happy to have had you both in my life!

david stunt driving on our way home from a last dinner at o's.

little does ollie know that yet another of his newfound best friends is getting to leave him again...


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