Moving House (Now With Extra Pictures)

Finally! The video’s done and uploaded and I’m ready to share pictures of the new house (somehow it’s taken three weeks to actually get most of the decorations and stuff up?). We’re thoroughly pleased with it (despite our landlady being a bit impossible to get ahold of– we only met to sign the contract and pay our first month’s rent and security deposit exactly three weeks after receiving the keys…); we’re a five-minute walk from our new school, it’s big, it’s quite lovely, and still insanely cheap (3500 Baht/month; or US$120). There’s room for Ollie to run around (and, once upon a time, rabbits… *kisses finger, points to sky*), and for Wayne to do some serious gardening (while I wield the occasional watering can and snap photos again…). So without further ado:

video, complete with before and after shots of the old house

 And there at the end you may have noticed Wayne working hard out front… yesterday he set up patches of tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce flanked by a few garlic shoots that appeared randomly in the compost.

growwww little tomtoms!

big helper.

"ollie i've just cleaned the floor. stay outside!" "welllllll... what about the very tips of my paws?"

a good start!

Oh, that reminds me… My garden time-lapse from the old house that I don’t think I ever got around to posting here:

So that’s that. Hope the suspense didn’t kill you. Now come visit!

Edit: Somehow in my rushed post yesterday I left out these pictures. So here they are:

a guy who lives down the street. i've only see him do three things: play guitar, watch thai boxing, and sleep in this position.

yes, this is for realz, and it's right next to our street. whenever people ask where we live we just ask if they know where the dinosaur restaurant is. they usually do. yet to eat there, but we hear it's good!

rubber's thailand's second biggest export and it's king in the south, where we live. there's a big field of rubber trees between our house and the school. there are also big spiders that build their webs there. see him?

see him NOW?

and... one more for good measure. since you all seem to like him so much 🙂


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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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4 Responses to Moving House (Now With Extra Pictures)

  1. auntie gina says:

    I love it. It really is gorgeous. And Ollie has gotten so big and is still awful cute.

  2. Sam says:

    ollie is so big!?!?

  3. Angela says:

    well he couldn’t stay blind and smooshed-face forever now could he?! but i agree. so big. he should just stop growing (though we figure he’s got a bit left to go).

  4. Dean says:

    Nice move (up). Cool videos, too!

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