Loy Krathong: By Day

I’ve been trying to complete this post for days. Nay, I’ve been trying to upload the Sports Day video I finally completed for the previous post for over a week, but the Internet gods hate me and Youtube is spiting me and it’s just not happening. And it’s taken me way too long to upload these pictures so I just want this post to be over with, and anyway, my next post is going to be “Loy Krathong: By Night” so maybe when I compose that I’ll be in a better mood and actually feel like explaining what Krathongs, and their honorary festival, Loy Krathong, are. Til then, enjoy a few shots from around the school (avoiding severe second child syndrome, you see), and a bunch at the end of the enormous Krathong being assembled at our school, largely from banana leaves and other sorts of vegetation. Hope the suspense doesn’t kill you!

haha… wayne and p’dumpick (thai for ‘black skin’… it’s impossible to tell a thai person they’re not black no matter how dark their skin is), a darling little man who greets us over the loudspeakers every morning when we arrive. and wears highly fashionable hats to protect him from the sun.

our cutting-edge office (or, as wayne’s referred to it, ‘the smelly box with mosquitos’)

decorated with “rules” posters courtesy of wayne’s classes.

the director presiding over the construction of the krathong

so very detailed!

Okay, might have just created a new personal best for my shortest entry. I just realized I don’t even have the photos of the finished product uploaded (Spoiler alert! The busy bees won first prize in a contest we didn’t even realize they were entering, but the win was highly deserved.) so that’ll come with the next post as well. Expect fun things from the night post. 🙂


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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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