Trix or Treats!

Last week, to help take my mind off the stressful job transition I will (read: might) go into in more detail at a later time, I indulged in three things I like an awful lot: painting (okay, this one’s a new hobby, but I do like it!), Photoshop, and puns. Back when we first got Trix somehow I was struck with the idea, “Wayne! When it’s time for Halloween, we can make a card with Trix’s picture on it dressed as… I don’t know… a witch! And it can say, ‘Trix or Treat!'” “Okay, cool baby, but Halloween’s like, five months away…”

Then we got Ollie. “Hey Wayne! For that Halloween card, Trix can be the witch and Ollie can like… have a big bone around his head and it can say, ‘Trix or Treats!'” “How are you thinking about Halloween right now? It’s only July…”

Then… Jinx. I couldn’t really think of a way to incorporate her into the verbal part of the whole “card” idea, but as I mentioned when announcing her untimely departure I had the unfortunately accurate thought to dress her as a ghost for the shot. As it turned out the dressing up was unnecessary.

And then suddenly it was nearly Halloween and time to get down to business! Fashioned a witch hat for Trix, realized Milkbone really featured dogs’ faces on their treat boxes and so went with that theme (and wow is Ollie way more deserving of a cover shot than the dog that actually won the honors), and had a little photoshoot.

final product!

In other Halloween news our Spanish friend Victor who was in our diving group in Koh Tao is visiting, and we met a whole battalion of new farang last night at some of the newcomers’ Halloween/housewarming party. I guess the first part isn’t really Halloween news except he came with. And for those of you who’ve heard about the flooding in Thailand I guess I’ll include that as of yet it’s pretty much only in the north (though we’ve been getting our fair share of rain) but we’ve finally seen some of the consequences in that the convenience stores are severely lacking in their wares. But no flooding in Thung Song (yet)! We’re still okay!


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