Another Trip to Koh Phangan

In the whirlwind of trying to get my last post on my last blog done I forgot to even mention that Wayne and I went off to Koh Phangan (again) last weekend. Whereas the previous two times had been at least partially encouraged by it having been a Full Moon weekend, this time it was kind of just the opposite. The Full Moon Party is fun and all, but it also means there are tons of people, accommodation is more expensive, there’s a general craziness in the air, etc etc. Having discovered the… ‘oasis’ (as I’ve heard it called) that is Haad Yuan– a beautiful, secluded beach reachable only by boat and 4-wheeler– last time we were looking for an excuse to return and experience the more laid-back side of KP. The facts that it was my ‘birthday weekend’, that Wayne had officially finished school, and that some of our friends we’d met there last time were returning for their final weekend in Thailand provided such an excuse.

koh phangan in the distance saturday morning... so near, yet so far.

However… getting there was a bit more hectic than we would have liked. Had a late start, got stuck in traffic, were given bad information, and, long story short, ended up stuck on the neighboring Koh Samui Friday night. Koh Phangan is easily visible from Samui, hanging in the distance like a glimmering beacon (lolzlolzlolz), and we desperately tried to convince a longtail boat driver to give us a lift that night, but their asking prices of 4000-10,000 Baht ($133-$367) per person were just a bit out of reach. It was alright though; I’d never been to Samui, and though it lived up to its reputation of being quite commercial and touristy, we were able to make it an affordable evening and I got a bit of shopping done.

We were on Koh Phangan by 9 the next morning, made the economical (though stomach-churning, as the journey involves some treacherous hills) decision to rent a motorbike to Haadrin (the Full Moon beach, which was almost comically deserted when we passed through), whence we caught a taxi boat to the neighboring Haad Yuan. It was a full day of fun and relaxation in surprisingly–but welcome!–gorgeous weather. Just what the doctor ordered!

how's it feel to be the only living boy on haadrin, wayne?

stoked to see kayleigh again! that wasn't a glasses joke but i'll allow it!

two kings and a queen. and some other broad.

lizz gettin her hoop on.

my turn.

heading down for a swim.

anyone remember that game myst?

squinty wayne.

out on the rocks at dusk.

fishing boat by morning.

We just stayed at Eden in the tiniest (in a cute way) little yellow bungalow up in the jungle for a mere 150 Baht Saturday night, and were on the road (well, sea, then road) again Sunday morning. A quick flash-in-the-pan trip but really nice. Has me looking forward to our pending trip to Koh Tao– can anyone say scuba diving?!


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3 Responses to Another Trip to Koh Phangan

  1. Sam says:

    angela, you go through blogs like charlie sheen goes through bags of cocaine

    • amcalonder says:

      Well… I don’t think that’s giving Charlie Sheen quite enough credit. And besides… I just have so many photos, and don’t feel like paying twenty whole bucks (that’s 600 Baht you know!) for a premium account, and, I mean I have nothing better to do than tweak my layout and re-add all the links and stuff I had on my other blog. Nothing better at all to be doing!

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